Easy Ways to Earn Money Without a Fixed Job

Great you are here! Looking for some unique ways to earn money without doing your 9-5 job? Here below we have listed 20 ways you can make money without doing too much work. So, without further ado let’s get started.

20 ways that will help you make easy money

1: Invest your money in Real Estate

Yes! Easily make money without too much money, start your real estate business by investing just $500. Here is the company – Fundrise

Proof that it works – “I invested in Fundrise real estate”

2: Become an online tutor and earn $20 per hour

Online tutoring has been considered one of the easiest options for people who have got brains but are slightly lazy. Earn money by joining a part-time teaching program and by just sitting behind your laptop screen.

3: Save your spare change

There are many applications that can help you collect spare change and then put it into a stock market on your behalf. Here is what we advise you to try if you are new – Acorns

Proof that it works – A user says “Acorns is like a coin jar” Read full story.

4: Give your opinion and get payed

MyPoints is a Survey site that will provide you with cash and gift cards for even signing up!

Proof that it works – I have earned more than $600 dollars in 3 years.

5: Give a helping hand to small business owners

This is a very strategic way through which you can earn money, from home and without working under any intimidating boss. But where to start right? We have got you covered go to Bookkeeper Business Launch and see the magic happen.

Proof that it works – People started from scratch to real business!

6: Pick up groceries for neighbors and get paid $15

As the title says – earn up to 15 dollars per hour for just picking up some extra or specific items from grocery. Start money right now by going to Postmates.

7: Share room’s space and earn

An easy way to earn money in today’s time period is to just share a spare room to travelers and people who are in desperate need. You don’t have to worry about the visitors as Airbnb verifies the profiles of the guests and visitors.

Decide your rules and price and learn 9 Tips to improve your hosting.

8: Shop from Rakuten and earn money

Sounds ironic right? But it is possible, Rakuten gives you cashback offer and helps you earn money within 90 days after signing up. Create your account here. It is like money for nothing.

9: Play games and earn $5 Amazon Gift Card

Mistplay is an android app that allows you to play games like Yahtzee, Star Wars and Clash Royale etc. to earn. Enter code penny50 during the sign up for bonus points.

10: Start investing by using a simple technique

The easiest way to start your investment is using the Acorns app. It has a round-up feature that can help you get money dropped down into your Acorns account. Eg. Suppose you did a shopping of $10.23 dollars, now 77 cents will automatically go into your account. You can also get a $5 bonus during signup.

11: Sell unnecessary stuff and earn

You can sell out your video games, CDs/DVDs, etc. on a buyback website called Decluttr.

12: Rent your RV

If you have an RV and you know that it’s been a long time you RV has not been to the road, instead of letting it die, rent it out in RVshare and get paid for that.

13: Sell designed T-shirt

Amazon is a great platform that allows you to sell your stuff, create a unique design on a T-shirt and upload it to Merch. Amazon will cover all the production costs and shipping to customers.

14: Earn via Freelancing

Utilize your photography, video editing, writing and other skills by working as a freelancer. Here is the way – Go to Fiverr which is a freelancing service and join their team to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars.

15: Lose Weight and earn money

It sounds absurd but it is possible using the HealthyWage website.

Here is what you have to do –

Sign up to HealthyWage after reading a full review.Set a goal of how much to lose in a limited timePlace yourself a bet ranging from $20 – $500 dollar a month.

Proof it works – I won almost a sum of $3000.

16: Rent Baby Gear that is not in use anymore

BabyQuip is a perfect option for parents whose little baby has grown and he/she is not using its crib, car seats, strollers, and other such items anymore. Subscribers of BabyQuip earn an average amount of 150$ for renting baby items.

17: Sell your photography

You can sell photos taken from iPhone to sites like Foap. It is a website from which you might not become an overnight millionaire but you can definitely earn $5 per photograph.

18: Earn by becoming Instagram Influencer

There are many unqualified people making money from social media all they do is take risks and collect their perseverance. To become an Instagram influencer you need to have a massive number of followers who could see your updates.

Next, either approach brands to promote their items in your wall or wait for them to take an approach. A newbie influencer can earn about $1500 per month.

19: Earn from Babysitting

You can go and ask to provide a nannying service or babysitting to tired parents in your neighborhood. Or to save your extra time just go to Care.com where you can reach out to different families who are in need of help.

You can earn $15 – $20 dollar per hour depending on your region.

20: Earn from your drawings

Art is in great demand and has a very big value too. You just need to reach out to people who possess some knowledge about drawing and/or overall art. You can sell and earn approx. $2k dollar per month. Just don’t give up!

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