Know How to Become a Real Estate Tycoon with Small Money from a 21-Year-Old

Being a saver Katie Smith saved thousands of dollars at a very young age. But instead of keeping her savings in the bank and watch it she wanted to grow it as the bank gives her very low interest around 0.01% only. The 21 years old Katie, who had graduated from Georgetown University, Washington D.C. , was not ready to take what the bank was giving.

But the problem is that she also does not want to invest in the stock market as it is, according to the report of CNN Business, climbing repeatedly for almost nine years. According to her, at present everything seems to be a bit overrated.

She always wanted to own real estate as land is a good place to invest in, according to an old saying. She liked the idea to invest in land as its supply is very limited.

Now the problem was how to invest in real estate with a small amount of money as lots of money is required to invest in real estate. It can be difficult for you to pay the price of the property to the landlord if you do not have enough money.

Build a portfolio

Investing in the stock market or saving accounts were not her options. Then she knew about Fundrise which can allow her investing in two real estate private portfolios across the United States. It will represent her as a landlord and will handle all of her heavy work in this regard.

Moreover, investors can know which properties were exactly incorporated in their portfolio as the dashboard of Fundrise is available online.

Smith further said that she can access her account with Fundrise to see the property actually owned by her. The properties in her account included a building on the West Coast, some of the apartments in Denver and Texas, a multiple-use property, an Ann Arbor’s apartment complex and a loan for construction.

Good returns

Smith was happy with the returns after over a year of her investments through Fundrise. In 2017, Fundrise listed an average annual return of 11.44%, 1% of which was paid by investors as annual fees as fees for investment advisory and asset management. The income from property and interest payments can provide them cash flow.

Now instead of stashing a large amount of dollars she can start investing $500 at least which can be a very low amount to enter into real estate as compared to the money required in this field. So after being satisfied with the results she was ready to invest a few thousand dollars in real estate through Fundrise.

Start investing in real estate

It is easy to start investing in real estate by:

Visiting the website of Fundrise and entering your email address and clicking on Get started’ button

Select a plan to invest. You can start by investing $500 only in the Starter Plan’.

The process of sign-up is over. Fundrise will buy the property you have invested in to return the amount you have invested if you are not satisfied with the results within the initial 90 days.

Go on investing

The simplicity of this online platform was appreciated by Smith.It also informs your about the details of your investments and measure the level of risk through the risk scale it provides.

At present she is working in an investment bank on the basis of her bachelor’s degree from Georgetown in finance. She goes on investing the money earned from Fundrise into property.

Smith said that every quarter they give her dividends and she also has an option to invest her dividends back into her investment portfolio as it will help her to continue investing in real estate. She invests more dollars in real estate whenever she wants.

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